Our Story

Our café offers fresh crepes and the best coffee any time you come in. You can also get muffins, soup, and smoothies (soon).

People naturally think of Parisian or French-Canadian crepes, and that’s traditional, but there’s more to this food classic. We celebrate Lowell’s world of culture with a Weekly Special crepe featuring favorite ingredients from the many nations represented in the city’s neighborhoods. We call the Special our “Traveling Crepe!”

Our roots are in Lowell, but we love diversity and rave about it through our crepe dishes. Right on historic Merrimack Street our customers sample flavors from around the globe. We make it easy to explore international cuisine, serving up food adventures and sometimes a taste of nostalgia.

Meet the Owners

Hichame (HE-shahm) Asrary has spent half of his life on a farm, first in his Moroccan homeland and later here in Massachusetts. Influenced by the rich Moroccan culture and its French undertones, Hichame wraps all those flavors into paper-thin bundles of goodness. His passion for cooking blends with his education as a chemical and agricultural engineer. And he put these strengths to good use in his family’s restaurant. Now he’s bringing all his knowledge and talent to Crepes and the City.

Ferney (Fer-NAY) Lopez, a web designer by trade and food lover by choice, brings his creativity and his family’s love for using food to build a sense of community. Like his dad did for the Colombian families in Lowell when he first came to America, Ferney wants to use his food to bring people together.

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