Our City

It has been our privilege to be in Lowell during an extraordinary period of transformation, a dynamic revitalization of the city that keeps going with each new success. In Lowell, each one of us can set a goal and reach it, and make the community better and stronger step by step. The world-renowned renaissance of historic Lowell since the 1970s has set a positive tone for the present and future generations. As a National Park, we are on the same list as the Statue of Liberty and Grand Canyon as places that Americans treasure and preserve. We see ourselves in the flow of that history, keeping traditions alive through food and bringing inventive new cultural twists to daily life. Social vitality is on our menu. Lowell people honor their roots, share their inspiring stories, and cherish the city’s architecture and waterways. We are proud to contribute to the optimistic spirit of our city. We choose to be here and are grateful for the welcoming atmosphere in Lowell.

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